This week in running

How did I get so lucky?? Seriously, the week rocks. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


1. I passed 1,200 miles for the year. This is neat because since I began running/logging miles in 2009, I’ve never broken 1,200/year. It’s also neat because as of 6/30 my YTD was 568 miles. Who knew training added crazy mileage?!

2. I booked a flight to Texas for the weekend of 1/11. Now all I gotta go is grow the balls to sign up for the Bandera 100k (A trail of rugged & brutal beauty where everything cuts, stings, or bites). OH MY!

3. I’ve been picked to join the coolest people ever at HOOD TO COAST 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think this has really sunk in yet. Seriously, how cool is this??

In non-awesome news my last set of 1600s last night has me nervous about hitting my 4:09 goal at Bass Pro. I don’t think my training paces are good enough. I’m really nervous…but I’ve got a couple of friends who are way better runners to pace/push me. And I’m VERY confident in a big PR (4:33:24) and a fantastic weekend with my girls at the very least.

A goal isn’t good if it doesn’t care me a little, right? Right.

Oh, and taper sucks!!


  1. Life is good!

    1. Thanks to you!!

  2. MildSauce · · Reply

    I don’t know, I usually get lucky when I’m not in the mood. Have you been grumpy lately?

    I’m excited to track your fast ass next weekend. Go HTC buddy!

    1. Fat as? You mean no ass!

  3. Just don’t bobble your head like Bike Guy, and 4:09 will be all yours! Oh, and Clynn swearing at you will help as well.
    Seriously, best of luck at Bass Pro!!

    1. Bike guy? That’s PeeWee!!!


  4. Bob Martinson · · Reply

    Don’t worry one bit about those silly 1600s, you are going to nail Bass Pro.

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