A case of the Mondays

I had plenty of reasons to skip my Monday Night run:

  1. A half marathon on Sunday. Sure it was with a friend at a comfortable pace. But it was hilly and I don’t care how many ultras I finish…there is nothing pansy about 13.1 (actually 13.34 because I can’t run a tangent to save my life)
  2. All of my runs since my 24 Hour Race (95.865 miles in the rain!) three weeks ago have sucked. Legs weigh 500 lbs each. Endurance is no where to be found.
  3. As recovery weeks blend with taper weeks, what’s a skipped Monday run going to do?
  4. Taper means feeling like I’m starting to get sick.
  5. Effing 12 hour work day. Nothing fun about logging off at 8:30 pm and having to run on a treadmill.
  6. I forgot socks…and headphones.

But I didn’t skip. Empty gym. No music. No TV. Just me bouncing on a belt. Normally that’s a recipe for a suckfest. Only it was awesome. Entertainment was playing with the incline and speed and marveling about how good it felt…only stopping because my sockless feet were getting hot spots. Oh hi endurance…fancy meeting you here. Five miles on the schedule but I did 6. It’s funny how much a good run sets the world straight.

Happy running y’all.

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