Apex Turkey Trot

The original plan for today was to go to the Apex Turkey Trot 5k to cheer for my friends Shannon, Ellie, and Julie. We all started running this year and we’ve fromed some sort of trainwreck run club. There’s an awesome trail neaby so I figured I’d go to the race dressed in my running gear and meet another friend on the trail for my scheduled 7.
Friday night included 4 beers and shutting down a bar. Not exactly planned but my 7 miles was going to be slow, flat, and not until noon so the bad decision didnt seem so bad. I had to wake up early to make my poster and I felt like crap. Only 4 light beers??? Am I getting older or more of a lightweight? When I was driving to the race, Shannon texted saying she was sick and wouldnt make it. Of course this got my wheels turning…I’m in running clothes, complete with HRM, watch…I can run an impromptu 5k slightly hungover, right?? A few minutes later Ellie texted me to say she and Julie were there so I asked them to grab Shannon’s bib and chip. Of course they thought I was crazy but they pulled through!
I arrived at the start about 5 min before the start. It was small, yet really organized. They even had someone running dressed like a turkey and challenged you to beat him!! Of course the turkey was too fast. Everyone seemed faster than I expected. I was passed by a guy pushing a double stroller (with 2 toddles, not babies), countless little kids, and a turkey. Talk about humbling! I ran pretty consistently  despite the regret from my night out washing over me every few minutes. My splits were pretty even and I was happy about that. I felt really bad the whole time. I missed my happy place…but I know that in a 5k I’m not going to reach it. I hate 5ks. I feel like it’s all the work of running but none of the reward. I want to run until I forget I’m running!! Despite the complaints from every cell in my body, it was a beautiful run. It was one of those sunny, crisp fall days, which had just the right amount of colored leaves on the ground and the trees. I PR’d at 29:15 (my only other 5k was 8/29 @ 33:53). Too bad my name isn’t attached to it!!
Upon finishing, I didnt even grab a bottle of water. Instead, I grabbed the poster I had stashed at one of the hospitality tents and ran back through the course to make sure I’d see Julie and Ellie. I stood at around mile 2.7 to cheer for everyone. I usually make really generic posters. This one said RUN LIKE THE ROCKSTAR YOU ARE and had a big red star on it. I also had a whistle in case I got too winded to yell. It’s surprising how many people dislike being cheered for. I always love it and it gives me that extra pick me up. However, I can see how it’s be annoying to see some sweaty person in a bib telling you you look good and you’re almost there. Julie came by after a few minutes looking really strong. Ellie came by later looking not so strong so I folded the poster and ran her in. She thanked me later for draggin her across the finish but there was def no dagging. She rocked it.
After the race I did 4.5 easy, relaxed, peaceful miles at a glorious super slow pace. It was amazing. I love days where I can go fomr feeling like **** to feeling amazing in only a few short hours. Happy running!!!!!

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