RR: Triangle Triathlon

In case you forgot (or dunno who I am and just clicked on this because you wanted to see my avatar – yes I’ve gotten 3 PMs from randos asking me if my shoe is proposing), I quit being a runner last month and opted to be a triathlete, so I had to do another triathlon.
FYI this one wasn’t in Texas and didn’t involve a tequila bender…..or did it??
Triangle Triathlon – 750 meter swim, 17.5 mile bike, 5k run
It’s been hot in NC lately….with a lot of code Orange days. If you dont have breathing issues you probably just look at the heat/humidty…and thanks to SR we all look at the dew point….but asthmatics and other pansies like myself also have to look at the air quality. Code Orange tends to violate my “Don’t Die” rule so Biking and Running have been forced indoors. Sucks but being at the gym literally everyday is helping with Operation Get Nirto-ed* since I’ve been lifting a ton (not literally).
My bike’s been really neglected so the Penguin and I spent Saturday night cleaning, degreasing, pumping, and lubing. Then we all watched The Princess Bride together. My bike’s name is Andre because it’s a Giant so it was extremely appropriate (if you dont get this I hate you) . 
Penguin is an excellent helper!
The tri said they wanted us at the swim start by 7:15…but they didn’t say “Transition closes at 7:15” and my swim didnt start until 8:10 so I was a little too relaxed in the morning. I didnt get parked until almost 7…and the lot closest to transition was full, so we had to take a shuttle. For runners, shuttles are no big deal. Runners pack light. Triathletes are like that annoying friend who packs 8 bags and 15 pairs of shoes for an overnight trip. 
Phone takes bad pics in low light…but you get the idea. 
We all have bags, flip flops, running shoes, cycling shoes, towels, helmets, oh yeah – we all have bikes that need to get on the shuttle too. It was like a zoo.
I mean, literally – a zoo. In a stroke of random luck, my shuttle also had a dog. 
It was a really well behaved dog, who didnt seem happy about being on the bus. You can kinda see him behind the tire.
Getting off was an adventure (TWSS!) but I managed to get to transition, get my body marked up, and hit the port-a-potty with plenty of time to see the hottie wave start their swim.
Holy Transition! 
The guy bent over on the other side of the rack is a klutz…you’ll see. 
My wave was the last one (I entered as a Novice) and the smallest so I was hoping to not repeat last week’s Aquathon in which I inhaled a lot of lake water and got really beat up. The swim went really well. My last time doing a 750m open water swim was in a wet suit and I was worried I wasn’t a strong enough swimmer to do it on my own. Water temp was over 80 (wetsuits are illegal when it’s that high) so I was forced to do it without any aid. I felt great the whole swim. I never felt tired…never thought “when is this ending?” or “where’s the nearest kayak, I need to rest.” Plus I was passing people…some of the people had different colored swim caps. I esp felt good about the swim when I saw the clock saying 55:xx since I was supposed to start 40 min after the clock started, I thought I rocked the swim a lot more than I did. Apparently I was a lot slower than my last one (18:29) because the clock was wrong. Still, I’m pretty happy with my preformance….and I was feeling really good going into the bike. 750m Swim – 21:50. 
Frolicking MS style away from the lake!
Transition was about 200m away from the swim finish. I hate when it’s far away and my wet feet get covered in grass. As I headed out of Transition, the super fast guys were coming in from their bike portion. Heeeeeeelllllllloooo hotties! No time for drooling though, I had a bike to mount!! T1 3:48
Happy before the hills. 
Honestly, I had only been on the bike once since my last tri on 6/4 and I’m still not very proficient but I’m def getting better and getting a feel for the gears. First two miles were great and I felt confident enough to grab my water bottle. Unfortunately, as I was putting it back in, my bike number blocked my view and…
Only I didn’t say fudge. I was too busying watching my water bottle roll away. Two miles into a 17.5 mile bike ride…and it was in the low 80s, 84% humidity. I thought about leaving it…but sprint bike courses dont have water stops. So I rode back. Dismounted. Clop, clop, clop, clop (ever run in cycling shoes?? You sound like a Clydesdale pullin CK’s patriotic Bud). Got my water bottle and get back on. Three chicks passed me while I had my water bottle fiasco. I have no clue how much time I lost, but the mile was a little over 5 min so I dont think I missed much. I seriously wanted to die the first 10 miles and I doubted my ability to finish 17.5. Luckily it was totes Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! the last 7. I took it easy and had fun. The down hills were def worth the horrible ups. 
Despite the break, my legs were still super trashed and I had trouble lifting my leg over my bike when I dismounted. I stood there straddling my bike while about 3 volunteers cheered me through my 3 (yes 3!) attempts to get my leg over my bike without falling. I was really wobbly heading into transition. Bike – 1:15:14 
I like T2. It’s easy. That is unless the guy coming in and sharing your rack is a KLUTZ! He came in just as I finished putting on my shoes and when he put his bike up…he knocked two other bikes off the rack. As much as I wanted to be an a-hole and run away, I started to help but the bikes were kinda tangled (Schwartz twisted?!) and right when I was about to stop being nice an angelic volunteer came to help, telling me to go. THANK YOU! T2: 2:23
Skip this paragraph because I’m a whiner-
In the chaos I forgot to take off my neon vest (bike is open course…I feel like neon tells cars “If you hit me it’s extra your fault”) so I had to loop it through my number belt. It was hot and muggy. In fact, it was so humid I was still dripping went from the swim. You’d think after over an hour on the bike I’d dry off a little. Nope, dripping! It was swamp ass to the max! Also, since they advertised the run course was mostly on trails, I wore the Minimuses. Sock less. And I dont think I got all the sand out after the Aquathon. The run course was rocky gravel and the Vibram sole doesnt feel good on rocks. My legs were trashed from the bike. Hills. Mid 80s. Almost no shade. I was not having fun. 
The race was well prepared though…and had 4 water stops. Hose water never tasted so good!!Once off the trails, I felt a lot better. The air moved better and I could take steps without wanting to cry. I finished pretty strong and managed to snag a pretty good race pic in the process. Run 33:39
I’m normally such a shuffler…I’m lovin this pic because it has to be an optical illusion. 
I felt pretty decent at the end…like I could have kept going. I know I didn’t leave it all out on the course, but other than the run, I felt good, strong and I’m pretty happy with it. Plus, I know I can finish my Oly…possibly with a smile on my face 🙂
 *Operation Get Nitro-ed is about the Philly Marathon costume. Last year I did MCM as Snookie  and it was a blast. So when CK said she wanted to do a costume I said heck yeah. Holly and MK are on board. Feel free to get Nitro-ed (or Stromed, Laced, Thundered, etc) too! Here’s your inspiration:

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